Acceptable file applications - Photoshop 6, 7 or CS / Illustrator 8, 9, 10 or CS

Please! We DO NOT accept files submitted in Quark or InDesign.

Please create all layouts as one document, (do not separate the designs panel by
panel). Whenever possible, please include a low res JPEG or PDF for proofing.

This is the preferred application for supplying high resolution raster images. All files
submitted as a Photoshop file should be at a 100% (full scale), in CMYK mode,
100-150dpi (dots per inch), or half size at 250-300dpi. Work in proportion if graphic
size is larger than art board size. For example if graphic is 30 x 90 , work half size at
15 x 45 . Rasterized font layers then save as a flattened tiff file with LZW compression
(this window appears as you save your document). Please include the file extension
in the name.

This is the preferred application for supplying layouts and vector art with maximum
compatibility and flexibility. Please supply all Illustrator files in CMYK mode, all text
MUST be converted into outlines. The file should be to scale, half scale is also
acceptable. All raster images must be linked tiff files (NOT EMBEDDED) and created
to Photoshop specifications. Provide all logos and text within the application wherever
possible. Please include the file extension in the name.


All mural panels and end panels will be guaranteed for 30 days from the time of
purchase. Guarantee is limited to customer mishandling the murals, rolling the murals
tighter than the provided case, rolling the mural image side in, and shipping damage.
Any printing, delaminating, or paneling issues, that are due to manufacture’s defect
need to be addressed within the 15 day period for the warrantee to be in effect

Unless a printed proof is requested and/or is provided, customer waives the right to
object to the colors printed. There will be no guarantee that colors will be printed to
customer's expectations. Remember, since all monitors are not calibrated alike, we
have nothing to compare your digital file to. We print to our best judgment, unless a
proof is provided or requested. Critical Pantone colors should be called out if your job
is color sensitive. Remember, a PDF proof only provides us a guide as to ensure all the
elements are present, fonts are correct, and so forth. PDF is not used to color match. A
suggested method is to call out critical colors or save your ICC profiles along with the file.