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* All displays are priced according to condition & current market value and sold "as - is".
Most displays include a shipping case which is not rated in the display description.
Item # C1
Nimlock Table Top 6ft
4 panel with end caps
red fabric exhiobit with heavy duty shipping case
panel size 22" t x 47" w
New Retail $850  -   Used $650
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Exhibits are just like cars, Brand Name & Quality is important.

The Cost for a slightly used BMW with 15,000 miles cost MORE than a brand new Honda Civic 

Super Sale Price...... $475
NIMLOCK table top
nothing wrong just overstocked
Fabric on front is grey showtime
Back side is red fabric
flexible width, can be angled to be 6 - 8 feet wide
( can fold to be be a 4 or 5 panel )
Includes fiber shipping case
Super sale price $450
Item # C2
Natulis Shipping case
13 x 31 x 36
shipping cost $40 via UPS ground

Item # C4
Super Sale Price ............................. $75 +s&h
TigerMark Displays
4 Panel Unit

black fabric
4 panels each panel is 22 w x 44" t

Sale price $475
the case alone is worth $350

Item # C5
Item # C7
Floright Display
blue & black showtime fabric
(2) panels each measures 16" w x 20" t
ships in a box
shipping cost $15 via UPS ground
Super Sale Price ............................. $50 +s&h
e - mail
Item # C3
NIMLOCK 10 ft. floor display
nothing wrong just overstocked
Premium Grey Bravo fabric
10 flat panels, fixed hinges,
rounded end cap panels
With 2 fiber shipping cases

New Retail $2,595 * Used Price $1,500
Super Sale Price...... $800 +s&h
Item # C6
Fastpack table top reversable
a few minor dings
will not be seen when graphics are velcroed on this unit
Grey fabric on 1 side / blue on the other
5 panels, flexible hinges,
With a fiber shipping case *( a $250 value alone )

New Retail $950 * Used Price $500
Super Sale Price ...... $425 + s&h
Super Sale Price .......................... $795 + S&H
Outline 10 Panel Display

Exhibit includes:
used 10 panel with 10 black inserts
A NEW 10 panel $1,750
All NEW panel inserts $600
total for new unit $2,350

New Halogen Lights $150 each / used $95
New fiber shipping Case $400 / used $295
In stock ready to ship
Ships in a cardboard box