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Lambda Laser Jet Graphics Information & Prep Guide
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Lambda is the name and common reference to the process, equipment and product resulting in the most visually spectacular images and graphics on the market today for high-impact trade  show displays. Using continuous tone digital technology, Lambda panels and murals are produced by transferring images directly from computer-generated digital files to reflective or backlit photographic  materials without the need of a negative.  Within the equipment, three lasers-one each for red, green and  blue-are merged into a single beam that simultaneously exposes the photographic material, producing the image in a single pass.  The photo material is then processed in the same manner as  traditional photography by developing the photographic material in a "wet" film processor. By using the lasers, the total image is crisp and precise edge to edge, with no distortion. All of this means that the quality of a Lambda panel or mural  will be much better in terms of clarity, sharpness and in color saturation.

We offer three Lambda options to meet your graphic needs:  Lambda Bright-a long lasting, flexible resin coated paper based print (generally known as C-print). Lambda Duraflex-a flexible plastic based print material. Lambda Duratrans-a flexible plastic based print material, which is intended for backlit images.
Lambda Laser

The following guidelines are designed to help you set up your file for Lambda graphics so that there will be as few delays and problems as possible in the production of your job.

WHAT FORMATS AND PROGRAMS CAN I USE?: Files may be MAC or PC formatted. The files can be set up in any of the following programs:

Adobe PhotoShop 6.0
Macromedia Freehand 9.0
Adobe Illustrator 9.0.2
Quark Xpress 4.1
CorelDRAW 8.0*
PageMaker 6.5*
InDesign 1.5
* When sending either of these two formats, please export as an eps or ai file.

AT WHAT SIZE SHOULD MY IMAGE BE SET UP?: Your file may be set up at any size as long as it is to scale with the final image size. Please indicate crop marks.

WHAT COLORS CAN I USE IN MY LAYOUT?: Please set up all of your graphics using the RGB color mode, as this is what Lambda prints. When scanning, please scan the image in RGB. This will help ensure color accuracy for your Lambda prints. Any time that a bitmap file is set up using the CMYK color mode or is scanned in as a CMYK image, but is intended to be used for a Lambda print, the file must be converted to RGB. This will cause a color shift within the file that may be very noticeable. Using the RGB color mode when initially creating your graphics will give you a much closer representation of what the final output will be. For all vector files, please use the color chart to help you choose the colors for your graphics. This chart is a guide for matching colors to the Pantone Matching System and will enable you to see what the PMS color you choose will look like when it is printed. To achieve any of the colors on the chart, set up your file using the specified numbers that correspond to the color you have chosen.

WHAT DO I DO ABOUT FONTS?: To avoid any problems with fonts, all text should be converted to outlines. If the program you are working in does not allow you to do this, please include all of the printer and screen fonts when you send the files. PC and MAC fonts are not compatible, so if you are PC based and working in a program that does not allow you to convert the fonts to outlines, the Graphics Department may end up having to substitute fonts.

Supplying Mac fonts is strongly recommended. Due to slight variations in fonts (curning, baseline, etc.) substituting fonts may slightly change the layout.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO IF I HAVE A PLACED IMAGE IN MY DOCUMENT?: If your Lambda graphic has a placed image (logo and/or photos) in it, make sure that the original logo file or photo file is included on the disk. The Graphic Department does not recommend using embedded images (an image that has been placed into a file but is not linked to the original file), as we have no way of knowing whether the original image is of high enough quality or not.

WHAT RESOLUTION DO MY BITMAP FILES NEED TO BE?: The Graphics Department tries to print all Lambda graphics using images that have a minimum input resolution of 100 dpi and a maximum of 200 dpi at final size.

HOW SHOULD I SAVE MY FILE?: Please DO NOT save your Illustrator, Freehand or Quark files as an EPS. Most of these files are locked, meaning that the Graphics Department cannot manipulate the content, proportion or color of the file in any way. Save any PhotoShop files as either an EPS or a TIFF file.
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Lambda - the latest state-of-the-art digital technology to produce crisp photo images with high-impact color graphics.