Standard Shapes
We offer a wide variety of pre-designed Standard Shapes for
a cost-effective solution. Standard Shapes are easy to
assemble and disassemble for temporary retail or trade show
environments. When not in use the panels were easily
disassembled, packed and stored in only a few duffel bags.

Custom Shapes
Tension Fabric is no longer only for overhead signage. In
today's trade show architecture, you can build incredible
shapes and structures with tension fabric. Easy to shape, easy
to set up and incredibly lightweight. The best of all possible

Custom Designs
Our creative team specializes in executing custom designs for
the trade show industry, retail and architectural environments.
No other method of production can offer you unlimited
shapes bound only by your and our imaginations!

Outstanding Print Quality
Our manufacturers state-of-the-art quality printing on fabric to
match your critical Pantone colors and render photographic
images with precision.